Where It All Began.

Damelody is an Afro-Russia pop music duo consisting of Davidson and Queen Adele. The duo met in Moscow in the year 2018 and decided to form a band. Each member of the group has their own music career individually.

Because of the unique artistic chemistry they share, they decided to put effort together in composing, producing and publishing a master piece Album which should be ready early 2020.

Damelody style of music, is a mix of Afro pop and funk with a modern vibe to it. They have both performed in large events across the Russian federation and intends to continue to expand their reach and fan base. Damelody is here to stay and ready to take over Europe and beyond with their musical talent.


Davidson is a Dancehall Artiste with deep Afro vibes. He started his music career over a decade ago and has released multiple solo projects under his blueprint “ Gorgenius Records.” He has worked with top music producers both in Russia and Africa. For him, music is a calling and this call he has gracefully accepted.

His vision is to create iconic music that will outlive him and also music that will affect the lives of people all over the world positively. His role model is the legendary Bob Marley and you will feel a taste of Marley’s vibe in all of his songs. Davidson is on Instagram @davidsonmuzik

Queen Adele

Since I was nine I started singing. In my childhood I had been  performing at different platforms including all over Russia including Kremlin. I had been a part of Childish musical called “Koleso” for 4 years.

I also have graduated from musical school and the Insitute of Modern Arts, the faculty of Modern singing in 2018. And I had a big  experience performing as a background together with different cover bands, singing at karaokes 🎤, restaurants, banquets, and all variety of events not only in Russia, but also in other Post Sóviet Union countries. Queen Adele is on Instagram @i_am_adele_

« Damelody is my favourite Russian music group. I love their sound and their Live performance is always colorful and beautiful.»
– Sonrise G